Monday, July 8, 2013

From an Egyptian in Alexandria

Egyptians Rip CNN and Obama as His Buddy Morsi Falls - Rush

...It's from somebody in Alexandria who attempts to explain what happened in Egypt in ways Americans can understand by making the events that happened in Egypt happen here, so instead of Morsi's name you're gonna hear Obama -- and instead of Egyptian governmental institutions, you'll hear American institutions. The dates that you hear are not accurate as it relates to Obama's presidency. They are the dates related to Morsi's presidency....

"In a Nutshell... - The Daily Bret

A lot of my dear American friends sill ask me what on earth really happened in egypt, for their benefit, and anyone else on earth genuinely trying to make heads or tails of us "crazy Egyptians" ; here's exactly what happened in egypt over the past 12 months, but expressed in 'American" terms...

There are no exaggerations or lies, these events all took place:

On June 30th 2012, democratically elected Barack Obama wins the election with 51.7%, takes the oath, and is sworn in as president of the United States.

First five months of his term go relatively smoothly, where he makes almost no decisions (except for some dubious presidential pardons to a dozen convicted terrorists, including some convicted for their part in the assassination of a former US President).

Suddenly, on November 21st 2012, president Obama issues a presidential decree giving himself sweeping powers, to the extent that his future decrees become un-contestable in any court, in effect his decisions henceforth are akin to the word of God.

His laws a new Bible...

Nationwide protests erupt as a result of this decree and 1.5 million people organize a sit-in at the White House to peacefully request he rescind it.... READ THE WHOLE THING.