Friday, October 5, 2012

We have less than five weeks until Election Day, and we need your help over the next month to help us get out the vote for Republicans across the country.

Here's how YOU can help:

Make sure you and your friends are registered to vote - Many states have voter registration deadlines approaching quickly. Check out our ◼ Facebook application to get started today and share with friends.

Vote early or by mail - Check with your local election office to vote early or by mail. If you have received an absentee ballot make sure to fill it out and turn it in as soon as possible!

Visit a local Victory Center and help get out the vote - Visit your local Republican Victory Center or Party HQ and help us reach out to voters in the area. ◼ (In Humboldt County, call 442-2259, or stop by 311 5th Street in Eureka. We have Romney, Emken and Roberts yard signs and bumper stickers)

Make 10 quick phone calls to battleground voters - The Social Victory Center also has a ◼ phone from home tool that allows you to make calls right from your home. These calls are quick, easy, and extremely important in helping to get out the vote.

The volunteer efforts that you make over the next month - from knocking on doors to talking to neighbors - will be vital to our success in November.

Will you help us win?

Sharon Day
Co-Chairman, Republican National Committee