Friday, October 5, 2012

CFRW Capitol Update: Prop 36: NO!

The California Federation of Republican Women OPPOSE Prop 36! Proposition 36 would revise the current Three Strikes law and would allow current convicted felons serving 25-life under Three Strikes to petition for a reduced sentence. The Three Strikes law was passed in 1994 and shortly after its passage crime in California dropped and has remained at those lower levels. Violent crimes have decreased by 18% and homicide decreased by 31% since Three Strikes' inception. Prop 36 would modify the three strikes law to impose life sentence only when the new felony conviction is "serious or violent". It authorize re-sentencing for offenders currently serving life sentences if their third strike conviction was not "serious" or "violent" and if the judge determines that the re-sentence does not pose "unreasonable" risk to public safety. It would continue to impose a life sentence penalty if the third strike conviction was for "certain non-serious, non-violent sex or drug offenses or involved firearm possession" and maintain the life sentence penalty for felons with "non-serious, non-violent third strike if prior convictions were for rape, murder, or child molestation." Proponents of Prop 36 say that this would “make room for dangerous felons,” but the truth is only 6.6% of all prisoners in California are these “third strikers.” If Prop 36 passes, it would allow 4,388 “third strikers” petition the courts for a resentencing and some of these criminals could be released “without any parole or supervision.” These are criminals so dangerous they are serving 25 to life sentences as charged by a District Attorney, as convicted by a jury, as imposed by a judge, and whose legal appeals have been denied. Prop 36 would allow these same criminals ask a new judge for a reduced sentence or to be set free, some without any parole or supervision! Prop 36 is opposed by every major law enforcement organization and the California District Attorneys Association. Prop 36 is dangerous and needs to be defeated!

CFRW Official Ballot Positions and Talking Points!
Prop 30 - NO
Prop 31 - NO
Prop 32 - YES
Prop 33 - YES
Prop 34 - NO
Prop 35 - YES
Prop 36 - NO
Prop 37 - NO
Prop 38 - NO
Prop 39 - NO
Prop 40 YES

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