Saturday, October 6, 2012

Listen to Michael Savage ONLINE

MICHAEL SAVAGE'S RADIO SHOW NO. 1 VIA INTERNET - Surpassed Limbaugh before legal victory made him free agent - WND

Only days after Michael Savage ended his relationship with the Talk Radio Network, his “Savage Nation” has been ranked the No. 1 talk show on the Internet for the third quarter.

After consistently winning the No. 2 spot, Savage now has surpassed Rush Limbaugh, according to

“We have watched Michael consistently grow his audience over the last several quarters,” said in its report of the top 25 shows on the ‘Net. “All of his numbers are way up, especially via mobile and social radio.”

As ◼ WND reported, Savage announced Thursday he won his federal lawsuit against the Talk Radio Network via arbitration, which makes him a free agent.

Savage’s lawyer, Daniel Horowitz, told WND that Savage will not be on radio until he signs a contract with a new syndicator.

“Within an hour of knowing he was free, we were already talking to top names in the business,” Horowitz said.

In the meantime, he ◼ will irregularly broadcast talks via UStream. Listeners will be able to ◼ receive regular updates on the livestream talks, his status and the daily news via

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