Wednesday, February 1, 2012

GOP governors are slashing taxes, cutting debt, reducing spending

link - Bob McDonnell/Washington Examiner

In an election year, Americans may wonder what the SOTU might have included if we had a Republican president. Perhaps the best way to consider that potential is by looking to the State of the State addresses where Republican governors are in charge today, and comparing their records with those of their Democratic counterparts.

More than half of the nation's Republican governors have already delivered their State of the State addresses, and reviewing them reveals common themes. In these Republican-led states, you will find leaders who are balancing budgets, reducing taxes and making job creation their top priority. They are leading and getting results.

Many of the Republican governors who have given their State of the State speeches announced plans to ease the tax burden in order to make their states more competitive....

Democratic governors are doing just the opposite. At least six Democratic governors have proposed raising taxes this year....

Over the past two fiscal years, Republican governors have eliminated $65 billion in deficits, while the federal government borrows $5 billion a day just to stay afloat.

Obama has mastered the art of political rhetoric, but records are what matter. In Washington and state capitols, it has never been clearer that Republicans and Democrats have two distinct visions for America.

Republican governors are putting forth a positive, competing vision for America that establishes a strong and sustainable foundation for our country. It's this results-oriented conservatism that will restore America.