Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Mitt Romney wins Florida GOP primary

Mitt Romney won the Florida presidential primary Tuesday, taking a long stride toward capturing the GOP nomination - LA Times

The television networks called the race for the Massachusetts governor soon after polls in the westernmost part of the state closed; by that time Romney already held a big lead in the votes already tabulated. The result ended what had become a suspenseless campaign over the last few days, as multiple opinion surveys showed Romney opening a commanding lead.

His victory handed Romney Florida's 50 delegates, the biggest cache yet, but more than that show his ability to capture support in a big, costly and diverse state that will be a major battleground in the fall contest against President Obama.

MITT 48% NEWT 31% RICK 13% RON 7% - CBS
Landslide... for Romney in Florida. - Althouse
Polls just closed in the western panhandle of Florida, and there is no need for suspense regarding the result. It has been pretty much a universal certainty for the past week that Romney was going to win this thing pretty easily, and the only question is the final margin of victory. - The Other McCain