Friday, April 6, 2018

Capitol Update: Friday, April 06, 2018

Sanctuary State Opposition

They are calling it, “the mouse that roared.” Cities and Counties across our state are standing up to the bullies in Sacramento and saying NO to California’s Sanctuary State policy. linkLos Alamitos, linkHuntington Beach, linkOrange County, and now linkEscondido have voted to sue the state of California over SB 54. Other cities and counties are also looking to take up the issue in their respective meetings. We need to support our local representatives in this effort! A recent linkHarvard/Harris poll shows that 80%, an overwhelming number of Americans, oppose sanctuary city and state policies. The next step is to put the pressure on your local representatives. We need every city and county in our state to fight back! There is also a ballot initiative in the works that needs our support. Visit Fight Sanctuary State to help any way you can!

No on AB 2943!

Our legislature is at it again. This time, with AB 2943 (Low, D). This bill would make it fraud to offer to help any adult questioning their gender or sexuality. This would include offering pamphlets, counseling, books, or other reference material even if the adult inquired themselves. This could create expensive lawsuits and unfairly targets the first amendments rights of our churches and other family therapists. The bill claims to protect consumers, but ultimately the unintended consequences far outweigh any “protection” it truly provides. This bill already passed it’s first assembly committee and it will be heard in the Assembly Judiciary Committee next week! Call the members of the Assembly Judiciary Committee next week and ask them to VOTE NO on AB 2943! Talking points include:

  • Californians should be able to pursue the type of therapy and support they want
  • AB 2943 is in violation of our First Amendment rights by prohibiting faith-based therapy
  • This bill will undoubtedly initiative costly litigation and punitive damages under the guise of “consumer protection”
Assembly Judiciary Committee

Mark Stone (D, 29) Chair: (916) 319-2029
Jordan Cunningham (R, 35) Vice Chair: (916) 319-2035
Ed Chau (D, 49): (916) 319-2049
David Chiu (D, 17): (916) 319-2017
Cristina Garcia (D, 58): (916) 319-2058
Chris Holden (D, 41): (916) 319-2041
Ash Kalra (D, 27): (916) 319-2027
Kevin Kiley (R, 06): (916) 319-2006
Brian Maienschein (R, 77): (916) 318-2077
Eloise Reyes (D, 47): (916) 319-2047

NO on AB 1745!

AB 1745 (Ting, D): This bill would place a ban on ALL gas-powered vehicles by 2040. Assemblyman Ting and Governor Brown have floated this idea for years. But in Governor Brown’s last term in office, they see a golden opportunity. By 2040 and onward, AB 1745 would prohibit the DMV from registering any vehicle that was not zero emissions. It would only exclude commercial vehicles that weigh over 10,001 pounds. A mandate like this would be devasting for businesses and Californians alike. AB 1745 is scheduled to be heard in the Assembly Transportation Committee on April 16th. Take a moment to call each member and ask them to VOTE NO on AB 1745. It is an unworkable, unfeasible regulation that would continue to drive businesses and families out of our state.

Assembly Transportation Committee

Jim Frazier (D, Chair): (916) 319-2011
Vince Fong (R, Vice Chair): (916) 319-2034
Cecilia Aguiar-Curry (D, 04): (916) 319-2004
Catherine Baker (R, 16): (916) 319-2016
Marc Berman (D, 24): (916) 319-2024
Kansen Chu (D, 25): (916) 319-2025
Tom Daly (D, 69): (916) 319-2069
Laura Friedman (D, 43): (916) 319-2043
Mike Gipson (D, 64): (916) 319-2064
Matthew Harper (R, 74): (916) 319-2074
Devon Mathis (R, 26): (916) 319-2026
Jose Medina (D, 61): (916) 319-2061
Adrin Nazarian (D, 46): (916) 319-2046
Patrick O’Donnell (D, 70): (916) 319-2070

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Disclaimer: The Capitol Update is an activity of the CFRW Advocate's Office. The update is for information only. CFRW official positions on legislation are stated immediately preceding the stated legislation or immediately following the stated legislation in this report.