Monday, December 4, 2017

THE STORY OF THE DECADE> Broken on @CNN, of all places.

2. There have been multiple reports today that build upon the larger story.

7. The larger stories today seem to build out on a specific narrative that appears, well constructed, to further defend those interests. The Deep State, and the 'Black Hat' operatives within it, is/are circling the wagons per se'.

8. A part of that clear strategy now appears to be a willingness to throw Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, under the bus in an effort to avoid their own culpability in politicized FBI investigative practices.

9. A day of headlines, explosive headlines, appear entirely shaped to make Deputy Head of Counterintelligence, FBI Agent Peter Strzok, the scapegoat. Let's take a look at what roles the media are assigning to Strzok from recent publishing.

10. According to media reporting: Peter Strzok was the lead FBI agent in charge of the Hillary Clinton email investigation.

13. Throughout 2016 Agent Strzok was the primary counterintelligence investigator for the ‘vast Russian election-hacking conspiracy’, and subsequent narrative.

27. This is a classic maneuver to protect the interests of the deep state officials, from the outcome of a pending, almost complete, Inspector General investigation. Pin all the bias on Strzok and position him as the hub in the wheel of consequence.

28. However, there's two sides/risk to making Strzok both the ROOT and the TRUNK of the poisonous (bias) FBI investigative tree.

29. If FBI Agent Strzok is shown to have conflicting political and institutional bias, then every outcome of the investigation he was involved in comes into question. And Deep State is positioning Strzok at the EPICENTER of every aspect, of EVERY investigation.

30. Which implies their willingness to admit there's no actual 'there' there, within the "Vast Russian Conspiracy" investigation.

31. Of course, the gamble is the viewing U.S. electorate will accept the end of the ridiculous Russian Ruse (likely) -AND- also the end of the Clinton investigation outcome (not likely).

32. Which takes us full circle back to the DOJ-OIG Inspector General years-long investigation. If the IG wants higher officials than FBI Agent Peter Strzok, they might strike an immunity deal for cooperation. However, Comey and Mueller et al would also know that approach.

35. Perhaps we'll soon find out.