Wednesday, December 6, 2017

Former NBC exec Jeff Zucker who had 'never heard about of Matt Lauer's sexual misconduct' joked about him masturbating and 'rolled with laughter' about the 'C**k of the Rock's' sexcapades at explicit 2008 roast

...NBC stars Meredith Vieira, Katie Couric, Martha Stewart and Bob Saget were among other speakers who took the jokes at the 2008 further. Vieira joked about both her and Couric having sex with Lauer.

'Look at Katie Couric. She juggled Matt’s balls for six years.

'That’s three years per ball. She squeezed those suckers so tight, she left nothing for me. Thanks, Katie,' she said.

Vieira, who once found a bag of sex toys in Lauer's office, also roped Al Roker into the sex joys.

'People say he’s so prim and proper, like he’s got a stick up his a**. It’s not a stick, my friends, it’s Al Roker’s d***.”

Couric made an extraordinarily rude joke about Lauer, her co-host for several years, performing oral sex on Ann Curry.

'He loves to eat curry,' she said, prompting gasps from the room before adding: 'What? Indian food! What’s wrong with you people?' ...