Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Taxpayers, Sacramento politicians are trying to pass a phony transparency bill to undermine the will of the voters. Please read the information below to take action now:

Immediate Action Requested!

ACTION NEEDED: Senate Constitutional Amendment 14, (SCA 14) (State Senator Lois Wolk D--Davis) is an amendment to the Constitution that serves as a legislative response to the HJTA endorsed “California Legislative Transparency Act” (CLTA) a measure on the November ballot that received over one million signatures in order to qualify. The CLTA represents true transparency reform, SCA 14 does not. Legislators need to be informed that their version of transparency is insufficient.

WHEN TO TAKE ACTION: Immediately! SCA 14 could be heard on the Assembly Floor as early as Thursday morning at 9:30, due to the Legislature’s ability to waive its own rules in order to hear this bill.

WHY: Everything regarding how SCA 14 has moved through the Legislature has been the opposite of a transparent process. The State Assembly has waived its own rules twice just this week in order to quickly move the bill forward. Why? Because simply put, they don’t want the public finding out about their fake reform bill. If SCA 14 passes, the Legislature can amend the statutory provisions of the bill anytime they want on a majority vote. The CLTA cannot be altered by the Legislature if voters approve it in November. The CLTA also includes clear requirements stating that legislation must be posted online and given to legislators 72 hours before a vote, and also allows members of the public to film their own video in the Capitol. SCA 14 is far more ambivalent, and fails to allow the public to film.

Contact your State Assembly Member and urge them to vote no on SCA 14. It requires a two-thirds vote, so every vote is important. Even if you get this email after 5:00, call tonight and leave a message. If you don’t know who your Assembly Member is, please use this website: ◼

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