Thursday, June 23, 2016

Obama’s Whitewashing of the #Orlando Massacre'

...The latest instance of Mr. Obama’s suffocating cynicism was to boastfully doctor the transcripts of the 911 calls terrorist Omar Mateen made the night he slaughtered 49 partiers at a night club in Orlando.

The Department of “Justice” scrubbed the name “Allah” from Mateen’s prayers and professions of allegiance to said “Allah,” along with the Islamic State and al Qaeda and all the rest of the savages out to kill gays, lesbians, Jews, Christians and basically anyone who is part of civilized society.

In a rare full-throated media campaign this week, Attorney General Loretta Lynch said references to “Allah” would be removed so as not to “further this man’s propaganda.”

By which she means, apparently, make this attack look like the work of a radical Islamic terrorist as opposed to, say, some gun-toting lunatic who hates gay people.

By making this atrocity some kind of localized crime instead of a horrific breach of national security, Mr. Obama is trying to sidestep responsibility. Also, by framing it in these terms, Mr. Obama can get back on his old, worn out saw about blaming guns.

But, mostly, it is yet another bizarre example of the president trying to protect and promote the religion of Islam, which — by the way — is having a bit of a public relations problem on its own these last few years.

Throwing gays off rooftops, burning men alive in cages and drowning them will do right much to sully even the best reputations.... to read the rest, click on the link above.