Saturday, August 17, 2013

Pacific Justice Institute: Maintaining your constitutional privacy rights in the public schools

Simply fill out the attached one-page Notice with your basic info and signature, check all the boxes of rights you wish to assert, and give that page to your child’s teacher(s), principal, superintendent, and school board members.

Q: Why do I need this Notice of Privacy?
A: During the debate over the recently-enacted AB 1266, PJI became very concerned as we heard the bill’s supporters act as though constitutional privacy rights were not important. Specifically, transgender activists dismissed students’ privacy rights to share intimate spaces such as bathrooms, locker rooms, showers, and overnight school sleeping arrangements with members of only the same biological sex. It was also suggested that students today don’t care about their privacy as much, and thus their rights have diminished. PJI strongly disagrees with these characterizations, and we believe that one remedy on the path back toward sanity is affirmative assertion of these rights.

Q: Will submitting this Notice cancel out the bad effects of AB 1266?
A: Not quite. We can’t undo all the damage of AB 1266. But this Notice is a very important reminder to school personnel that no state or federal law can override privacy rights.

Q: What if school officials ignore this form and my child’s privacy rights are violated anyway?
A: If you feel that your child’s privacy rights are actually violated in the ways identified by this Notice, contact PJI immediately. Our full contact info is available at We will be evaluating every violation carefully to determine the best candidate(s) for filing suit.

Find the form, at the link.