Saturday, July 6, 2013

The Stunning Incompetence of Obama Over Egypt

Heard via friends in the “intelligence” community that the spooks have known for “weeks” that the Egyptian Army was planning to oust Egyptian President Morsi. - Larry Johnson/No Quarter

Do you think they kept that news to themselves? Nope. Barack Obama was briefed on this–repeatedly.

So here’s the question–Barack Obama knew that Morsi had a target on his back and would soon be under arrest by the Generals and he chose to do nothing? Sure looks that way. The Obama Administration appeared stunned and flustered by this week’s coup in Cairo. And yes, it was a coup.

Did Obama have some options? Absolutely. But as with his languid response to the attacks on our personnel in Benghazi last September, Obama displayed the same nonchalance and sonambulence as as the Egyptian military mobilized to take out President Morsi. Obama shied away from substantive public statements and failed to clarify U.S. policy towards a military ouster of a democratically elected President....