Thursday, July 4, 2013

By toppling Muslim Brotherhood regime, Egypt saves Middle East from another Iran

Egyptians now seek a liberal, democratic framework and refuse to repeat the mistake of choosing an incompetent leader just because he is religious. - Haaretz

Helicopters drawing the Egyptian flag on the sky of Cairo, fireworks, patriotic songs, and chants. This is how the Egyptians proudly celebrated the fall of Mohammed Morsi on Wednesday and the swearing-in of Adly Mansour, the new interim president, Thursday morning. But above all, Egyptians are celebrating their once again confirmed power and determination to drive their country through the path of liberal democracy, a path we first took when we brought down Hosni Mubarak, in January 2011.

By toppling the Islamist president and his Muslim Brotherhood regime, Egypt is given a new chance to stand on its right foot, and the Middle East is given the privilege of not having a Sunni version of the Mullah regime in Iran.