Thursday, July 25, 2013

Fourth Ninth Accuser Steps Forward
Against San Diego Mayor Bob Filner;
And a Fifth,
And a Sixth,
And a Seventh

Another Former Staffer Comes Forward to Accuse Filner - Ace Of Spades

The War on Women

It's calling from... inside the House!

"Your Eyes Have Bewitched Me:" Third Woman Accuses Filthy Filner - Ace Of Spades

Media still not interested. The story does not advance late-term abortion rights. - Ace Of Spades

Among the new accusers: A college Dean and a Rear Admiral.

Nancy Pelosi, creep-enabler - Michelle Malkin

The most powerful female Democrat on Capitol Hill has turned her back on women. Again. House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi, entrenched 13-term incumbent, refuses to say whether creepster San Diego Mayor Bob Filner should resign amid an avalanche of longstanding sexual harassment allegations, staff resignations and now a lawsuit.
“What goes on in San Diego is up to the people of San Diego. I’m not here to make any judgments,” declared the very same feminist crusader who has spearheaded unabashedly judgmental nationwide attacks on the so-called “Republican War on Women.”
Democrat Filner’s former spokeswoman revealed Monday that he ordered her to “work without her panties on” and viewed women “as sexual objects or stupid idiots.” Other women alleged that Democrat Filner groped, forcibly kissed and harassed them. His own fiancee broke up with him two weeks ago after taking stock of his “abusiveness” and “disrespect” for women. Filner “apologized” and admitted, “I need help,” but he refuses to step down.
The sheriff’s office has set up a Bob Filner Abuse Hotline, and the mayor is now forbidden from meeting with women behind closed doors. At least one legal expert believes some of the claims rise to the level of sexual assault.

Bob Filner’s 9th accuser comes forward - Politico

Emily Gilbert told Fox 5 San Diego that the 70-year-old Democrat harassed her at a fundraiser where she was hired to sing in December.