Saturday, October 20, 2012

A reality the Democratic Party is desperate to ignore

‘Binder Derangement Syndrome’: How the Democratic Party Exploits Women - Roger L Simon/PJM

The party and their media minions treat (or pretend to treat) women like an oppressed class when the female population in our colleges and graduate schools (notably law and medicine) has already outstripped or will soon outstrip the male in almost every area save engineering and science, and they are gaining in those. They are also invading the boardrooms and the political arena as never before....

But it’s a reality the Democratic Party is desperate to ignore, since the oppression of women — certainly true in the past and still obviously true in other cultures today — is their most important ideological pillar. In fact, they could not possibly win a major election without it....

They need their version of values as a national wedge issue to hold onto that crucial woman’s vote. So look for them to seize on any bogus opportunity in this election season, as in the ginned-up “binders full of women” controversy from Tuesday night’s debate replete with its gonzo Twittersphere reaction.

Could anything have been more ridiculous?

What we are really witnessing here is the reverse of what it appears. It is a conscious/unconscious attempt to keep women down by Democrats, camouflaged as on attack on Republicans who, in Democratic eyes, regard women as 1950s Leave-It-To-Beaver homemakers all sitting in their laundry rooms waiting for the next sewing bee.

That’s again absurd to anyone familiar with the makeup of today’s Republican Party. But what these Democrats and so-called liberals really want to do is convince women they are oppressed so the poor, shivering females will vote for the Democratic Party.