Wednesday, September 26, 2012

“Look, if he met with one leader, he would have to meet with 10,” and “in this election year, campaigning trumped meetings with world leaders.”

Ramirez on “bumps in the road” - Ed Morrissey/HotAir

While this ◼ new editorial cartoon from Investors Business Daily’s Michael Ramirez uses Barack Obama’s “bumps in the road” comment from last Sunday’s interview on 60 Minutes as its main motif, the message is actually somewhat different. Ramirez points out the tone-deafness in that offhand remark, coming so soon after the deaths of four Americans in what has now been widely recognized as a successful terrorist attack on the anniversary of 9/11 — in a region “liberated” by American and NATO military force under Obama’s direction. Those are the graves of the four dead Americans, as well as another for the global reputation of the US. However, the real message from the two-time Pulitzer winner focuses on Obama’s lack of attention to his job, including references to The View and the Eastwoodian empty chair, as well as the golf cart Obama just can’t quit...

Obama Skips Diplomacy With World Leaders, Makes Time For 'The View' - IBD Editorials