Friday, September 28, 2012

CFRW Capitol Update: Prop 35: YES!

Prop 35: YES!

The California Federation of Republican Women SUPPORTS Prop 35 which would increase penalties for human trafficking. Prop 35 would increase prison terms for those convicted for human trafficking, would require those convicted of human trafficking crimes to be put on the registered sex offenders list as well as require that all registered sex offenders disclose their internet accounts and activity. Why hasn’t California been requiring this all along? California has three cities that the FBI cites as “high intensity” for child sex trafficking- San Francisco, Los Angeles, and San Diego. Other California cities are just as dangerous such as Fresno and Stockton. Prop 35 would help train law enforcement officers specifically on handling human trafficking cases and protect women and children from this most heinous exploitation. We SUPPORT Prop 35!

CFRW Official Ballot Positions and Talking Points!
Prop 30 - NO
Prop 31 - NO
Prop 32 - YES
Prop 33 - YES
Prop 34 - NO
Prop 35 - YES
Prop 36 - NO
Prop 37 - NO
Prop 38 - NO
Prop 39 - NO
Prop 40 YES

For all the props and their talking points on one PDF document, ◼ CLICK HERE.

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Governor Brown Bill Frenzy

Governor Brown has until midnight Sunday to decide the fate of hundreds of bills still on his desk. This week he signed into law SB 1221 (Lieu, D), which outlaws the use of dogs in hunting bears and bobcats and also AB 1436 (Feuer, D) which allows voters to register to vote on election day and then cast a provisional ballot that will be counted upon the certification of the voter’s registration. This bill would take effect in 2014. If you think that is bad, there are still three awful bills on Governor Brown’s desk waiting for his action. AB 2109 (Pan, D) would make it more difficult for parents to “opt-out” of certain immunizations despite their personal or religious beliefs. AB 1527 (Portantino, D) would ban the open carry of unloaded rifles in public. Finally SB 9 (Yee, D) would allow certain juvenile murderers to petition for resentencing. These bills need your voice! Call the Governor at (916) 445-2841 or ◼ write him an email by clicking HERE!


Our annual CFRW Fall Conference is being held at the Downtown Fresno Holiday Inn. Please join us October 19th-21st as we rally to elect our Republicans in November! Friday we will have a Propositions 2012 workshop given by our CFRW Advocate, Allison Olson. Friday night we have a special Ambassador’s event, “Singing in the Rain” dinner theater! Saturday will be filled with enthusiasm as we gear up for Election Day. Saturday at lunch our speaker will be former California Secretary of State Bill Jones. Then that night our banquet speaker is author and American Spectator editor John Fund. You won’t want to miss this exciting opportunity to get motivated about working for our Republican candidates and electing President Romney! ◼ For the official Call to Conference, click HERE.

Hugs and love to all of you. ONE TEAM, ONE PURPOSE, ONE GOAL.
Carol Hadley
CFRW President