Sunday, November 19, 2017

The press ignored the acknowledgement that Arabs and Jews are working together to battle Islamic terrorism. Instead we were treated to nonsense about handshakes.

...The leader of the free world is working with free world leaders to quash the terrorists, in a manner that lets others to lead the battle. Trump still leads the war.

Arabs are handling Lebanon. Trump learned from Reagan's mistake in sending in the Marines. There are limits to American power. Arabs don't want to be invaded by Americans.

Trump treats allies and adversaries like equals.

When a Macron takes the Trumps to the Eiffel Tower, or the Saudis sword dance with the president and Cabinet members, or Chairman Xi makes the Trumps the first Western leaders to dine at the Forbidden City, they do so not just to honor him, but primarily for domestic consumption.

Trump is a hit outside our country. He is the most significant part of the populist wave. World leaders want to align themselves with him to show the dissatisfied in their lands that they are with the people.

It is complicated.

The tide of the war on terrorists reversed on November 8, 2016.

Obama's buffoonery in overthrowing the Libyan regime (they now sell slaves in Libya), in embracing the Castro regime, in sending pallets of money to Iran in the dead of night, and in not challenging the North Koreans brought misery to the world.

Barack Obama is intellectually lazy and naive. The world is worse for his eight years as president -- just as our nation is.

But Trump is bringing the world together.