Wednesday, November 1, 2017

How D.C.'s Democrats became irrelevant haven’t heard much about is the acidic disarray among Democrats. That’s understandable. Democrats in Washington have become basically irrelevant. They lost control of the House. They lost control of the Senate. They lost control of the White House.

This is important far beyond any political rooting interest. Our democracy needs at least two parties, two vibrant, imperfect, competing political organizations as a check on the other.

Perhaps President Barack Obama’s worst political legacy is the devastation he wrought on his own party, not by mean tweets but by making everything about him.

He wanted Obamacare so badly Democrats obediently rammed it through Congress without a single GOP vote. Obama loved the sole spotlight of fundraisers so much he did on average of one a week for eight straight years. And Democrats still lost everything, including nearly 1,000 powerful seats in state legislatures across the land.

To be sure, life in any congressional minority stinks. All it can do is obstruct and whine. If Democrats had any new ideas (which they don’t), no one cares — not even their sympathetic media. That’s because minority ideas are politically DOA.

But much of the party’s enduring predicament is self-inflicted. Who leads Democrats today? Right. No one. Ex-Speaker Nancy Pelosi from California is 77. Her team includes Steny Hoyer of Maryland and Jim Clyburn of South Carolina. Hoyer is 78. Clyburn is 77....