Thursday, May 4, 2017


Mast argued that every American with a pre-existing condition should be asking themselves how they still have coverage as insurance providers continue to rapidly drop out of Obamacare.

“Who is it that’s going out there and saying pre-existing conditions won’t be covered? It is the exact same group of people that went out there and lied to the face of every single American, telling them that if they like their plan, they would keep their doctor; if they like their doctor, they would keep their doctor,” Mast added. “That was a bald-faced lie.”

Mast went as far as to allege the “architects” of Obamacare intended to “prey on the American people.”

“I think that’s the great irony of this,” he continued. “Obamacare failed at every level, politically the Democrats were crushed over six years and four elections. Whereas you say they lost seats in the House, the Senate, the governorships, et cetera, largely because of Obamacare, it failed on the ground as was pointed out earlier. The insurers are in a death spiral.”

“The Obamacare exchanges are collapsing,” he added. “You’ve had these exchanges, these community exchanges completely disintegrating. But the irony is in the end I think Obamacare wins the day because it changed expectations.”

“Look at the terms of the debate,” Krauthammer explained. “Republicans are not arguing the free market anymore, they have sorted accepted the fact that the electorate sees healthcare as not just any commodity. It’s not like purchasing a steak or a car. It’s something that poeple now have a sense that government ought to guarantee. And because of that, even Republicans are trying to say, ‘oh we’re not gonna lose that many, oh yes you’ll be covered if you have a pre-existing condition.’ The terms of debate are entirely on the grounds of the liberal argument that everybody ought to have insurance.”

“Once that happens,” he concluded, “you’re gonna end up with a single payer.”