Saturday, June 4, 2016

Senate hopeful Tom Del Beccaro is forging his own version of the California GOP

...As he hopes to place in the top two candidates and advance to a general election, he is a fixture on conservative talk radio stations up and down the state, appealing to the grassroots tea party and libertarian faithful with his calls for a federal “flat tax” and repealing the Affordable Care Act and his disdain for corporate bailouts....

Del Beccaro speaks in a soft voice and leans in close when talking one-on-one. He appears at ease on the stump, whether it’s in radio studios or a restaurant filled with tea party loyalists, and almost always steers the conversation back to his conservative, pro-growth, economic views.

“In the last seven years, the bottom 90% of American have actually seen a reduction in income of $1,600,” he said. “The current system is not working.”

Del Beccaro, who has written two books and runs the conservative website, has made the federal tax system one of the primary focuses of his campaign. He wants to eliminate the IRS and scrap the federal tax code, replacing it with a 15.5% flat tax on personal income and net business income.

“The tax code is the biggest playground for lobbyists, special interests and corporate welfare in the history of mankind. I’m for free enterprise. I’m not for big business,” Del Beccaro says. “I don’t think big business should get favors from government … they can fend for themselves.”