Sunday, June 5, 2016

Clinton suggests Trump to blame for violence at his rallies

In a stunning departure from the network’s usual fare promoting anti-Trump protesters, Despierta América, Univision’s morning show, has broadcast a hard-hitting report denouncing the "subversives" involved in the protests and the violence they perpetrated outside a Trump campaign rally in San José, California.

The report, by Univision’s María Eugenia Payán, documented various instances of violence perpetrated by anti-Trump protesters as they attacked Trump supporters and wreaked havoc on private and public property. To her credit, Payán not only deplored the actions of the violent protesters, but also pointed out that the San José City Police failed miserably in their duty to protect the public and uphold law and order.

...Univision’s latest coverage of the anti-Trump protesters stands in stark contrast with recent actions by rival Telemundo, whose cameraman was caught red-handed actively colluding and staging a scene with protesters outside a May 27 Trump rally in San Diego. Telemundo has yet to apologize for the incident.