Monday, March 21, 2016

Tucson Police Officer tells the TRUTH about his experience at a Trump rally.


"I had no idea..."

Neo-Conservative Hypocrisy Reaches New Lows–More Media Lies

...I can fully understand why some people do not like nor can support Donald Trump. But the concerted attack on Trump that includes Republican leaders, the Democrats and the media is demonstrating how rigged this election system is and depths that the various establishments will plumb in order to preserve their current advantages.

Their attacks are so crazy and so extreme that I am watching slack-jawed to say absurd nonsense with a straight face. For example, Rich Lowery of National Review was on Stephanopolous this morning and condemned Donald Trump for “threatening riots if he did not get the nomination” and for vowing to pay the legal expenses of “A GOON WHO ATTACKED A PROTESTOR.”

Both are lies. Clever and despicable lies. As I have written previously, Trump did not threaten riots. He made the sane observation that if Republicans do what they are doing now by conspiring to deny him the nomination that his supporters would rightly and correctly feel cheated. Under those circumstances it is highly likely that Trump supporters would erupt in outrage if the Republican establishment tried to push through a nominee who had not won a majority of the primaries.

Since when did a 78 year old man become a “goon?...”

Making his point: