Thursday, February 25, 2016

Mark Steyn: Nitwits of the Round Table

I confess that when I occasionally see some of these bluechip Sunday morning shows it boggles the mind what ABC, CBS and NBC are willing to pay for. In the final debate before the New Hampshire primary, George Stephanopoulos' "powerhouse roundtable" included Cokie Roberts, who offered the stunning insight that as she saw it after Tuesday night a lot of the focus would be moving away from New Hampshire toward South Carolina.

That at least had the merit of being accurate. It's when they stray away from statements of the incontrovertible that it all goes to hell:
[Stephanopoulos] then turned to the sort of clueless morons who have gotten everything wrong for the past seven months so they could tell viewers "what's next"...
Miss Coulter has great sport with two such expert "Republican strategists" (Sara Fagen and Alex Costellanos) as they shuttle back and forth between "Meet The Press", "This Week", Anderson Cooper and Wolf Blitzer:
July 26th 2015: "At the end of the day, (Trump) is not going to be the Republican nominee."

August 7th 2015: "The fire that is Donald Trump is now contained. It's not going anywhere."
And it gets better from there...