Monday, January 18, 2016

"That's not how great ideas come and go. You have to be willing to take the risks that put an idea onto the floor that might fail, and lay out a vision."

Ryan, House lawmakers reported, received a thunderous standing ovation after a rousing speech calling on the House and Senate to put forward a bold, conservative agenda they can sell to the public ahead of the November election....

The speeches marked a pivotal moment for Republican congressional lawmakers, some said later, because it showed a contrast in the visions of both leaders, one born after Woodstock, the other during World War II.

The more subdued but thoughtful McConnell, who is nearly 74, was also inspiring when he addressed the crowd, senators said. He challenged lawmakers to offer a positive and unifying message to voters. But Ryan, who turns 46 in a few weeks, genuinely brought lawmakers to their feet with a "visionary" speech challenging the party to put forward ideas and a "big plan," even if it has no chance of being signed into law this year by President Obama.