Thursday, November 12, 2015

Somebody yelled “squirrel” on the campus of Missouri and folks went berserk and lost their God-given minds.

...As reported yesterday at, there was “More awful news out of Missouri. KRCG 13 reporter Ashley Zavala reports that ROTC students have been told not to wear their uniforms to class today because of unspecified threats made to “Veterans and Soldiers” in the Columbia, Mo. area.” ...

What the heck is happening on this campus? We know about the mass communications instructor who demanded “muscle” to have a campus reporter removed. And to have University leadership just resign — what message does that send? Sure seems there’s a bunch of misguided emotions, and since when do students demand resignations over their feelings?

The leadership of the University of Missouri should have taken valid complaints, investigated, confirmed, validated, and then come up with solutions. Silly me, I thought that’s what rational people would do. Instead the mob has taken over at this campus. And to those football players who wanted to “boycott” practice and games, well, simple, you lose your scholarship — now go to class, and tell your parents they’ll be paying tuition. And for the Mizzou football coach to side with the players, well, that tells you where his concerns lie — football games, not developing and educating future adults.

But to have an email go out telling ROTC students not to wear their uniforms on campus on Veterans Day, the day after the 240th Marine Corps birthday is offensive and disgusting.

These are the young men and women who will take it upon their shoulders to “support and defend the Constitution” which means the rights and freedoms of every American citizen. And they’re supposed to hide their noble pursuit to serve this nation and embody the highest degrees of honor, integrity, and character? If anyone has the right to be on the University of Missouri, it is the Army ROTC cadets.

You see, the Morrill Act of 1862 designated land grants to states for developing institutions of learning – i.e. universities. Part of the Morrill Act was the establishment of Reserve Officer Training Corps units — previously only West Point produced Army officers. And the University of Missouri became a Land Grant in 1870....