Thursday, October 15, 2015

Meet US Senate Candidate Tom Del Beccaro TODAY in Eureka

Thomas G. Del Beccaro: My view on the Dem debate - in this Divided Era:
1. Webb is the most conservative Dem, but not user friendly. He makes good points but not with that crowd. No room for him in his dogmatic party. No big gains for him of tonight.

2. Lincoln Chafee - well, yawn.

3. Martin O'Malley. I was surprised his voice sounded so shaky. Not as commanding as he needed to be to make it a 3 way race. Running for President is about big money and he didn't make the case he should be ahead of the rest.

4. Bernie. He handled himself well. No major gaffes. He said what he believes. His views are as Left as it comes - and that is the way his fans like it and - and a good percentage of the nation does too. Look for him to raise big money off the debate but not rise in the polls.

5. Hillary. No tough questions for her - or at least she was not required to answer them. For instance, devil may care about those emails - especially if she isn't forced to answer a tough question about them. She needed not to blow it and not come off like a victim. Well, she came off as a fighter and didn't blow it. This debate helps her because she didn't look like a candidate overwhelmed. Her campaign stabilized tonight. The hearings and the FBI will have a greater say. Comment that may haunt her? Saying that Snowden broken the law and must pay for it. Hmmmm.

6. First political lesson my Father taught me when I was but 8 - way back in 1969. "Democrats have it made. They have convinced people they can vote themselves rich." I will never forget his words. Tonight, the Democrats worked hard to make that case - from immigrants (legal and otherwise) to college students. In that sense, the Democrats improved their standing because in politics, people are sold free lunches and others silently endure paying for them.
11:30 a.m. Lunch 12:00 - 1:00 p.m. 445 Herrick, Eureka
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