Sunday, September 6, 2015

Can Carly Fiorina win the CNN debate?

Today is Carly Fiorina's birthday. She received an early birthday gift this week when she found out it is likely she will be on CNN's debate stage. With Hillary Clinton continuing to be dogged by an e-mail scandal, can Fiorina appeal to Clinton's supporters?

If Carly Fiorina keeps polling well, she'll be invited by CNN to participate in the second GOP presidential debate, on September 16. As we learned last week, CNN changed the rules of its first debate to include any candidate who polls in the top 10 between August 7 and September 10. Fiorina's campaign fought hard for the rules change after her surprisingly excellent performance in FOX's "undercard" GOP debate for lower-polling candidates, which aired August 6.

Barring a seismic shift in the polls in the next few days, Fiorina, who is polling seventh and who has never held elected office, will be the only "undercard" candidate to graduate to the main stage, leaving behind a group of current and former U.S. senators and governors with more than 130 years of political experience between them.

We’ve come to a place where people realize running for political office all your life isn’t the most qualifying set of experiences. We have a professional political class that is unwilling or unable to challenge the status quo or get anything done.