Friday, August 23, 2013

Al Gore: Pounding the Pulpit ... Again

As reported on The Lead, Al Gore is at it again, going after the sinners among us - Geoffrey Norman/The Weekly Standard
Gore: Climate change ‘deniers’ like 'an alcoholic father’ - Jake Tapper's The Lead/CNN
Up to our ears in Al Gore’s ‘climate change’ snake oil - Wesley Pruden/The Washington Times

Al Gore and his traveling medicine show is back in town with his new, improved snake oil, guaranteed to grow hair, improve digestion, promote regularity and kill roaches, rats and bedbugs. Al and his wagon rumbled into town on the eve of “a major forthcoming report” from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change, which is a panel of scientists affiliated with the United Nations. Their report is expected to buck up the spirits of the tycoons of the snake-oil industry.

A snake-oil salesman’s lot, like a policeman’s, is not a happy one. There’s always a skeptic or two (or three) standing at the back of the wagon, eager to scoff and jeer. The global-warming scam would have been right up Gilbert and Sullivan’s street. Would Al and the U.N. deceive us? No! Never! What! Never? Weeeell, hardly ever.... More, at the link.