Thursday, July 18, 2013

EDITORIAL: Eric Holder, you’re no Martin Luther King

The attorney general strikes a shameful pose - By THE WASHINGTON TIMES

Eric Holder, who gets more headlines than any other member of the president’s Cabinet, and usually for the wrong things, confuses celebrity with credibility. He imagines celebrity makes him a credible champion of civil rights. He’s fond of citing a man whom he seems to regard as his equal as a civil rights pioneer.

But some of us knew Martin Luther King, and Mr. Holder, you’re no Martin Luther King.

We know Mr. Holder, too, as the attorney general whose office declined to prosecute Black Panthers who attempted to intimidate white voters in Philadelphia, approved the intimidation of the Associated Press, presided over the most sweeping collection of information on private citizens in the nation’s history, and authorized the killing of an American citizen by drone attack, depriving him of his civil rights....