Thursday, May 23, 2013

“His friends are so concerned because he’s lived so flamboyantly and spent basically so much of other people’s money on a very, very costly lifestyle"

REPORT: LA Mayor broke... - CBS Los Angeles

With just over a month left in his second and final term, Mayor Antonio Villaraigosa will leave office in June reportedly without a place to live or a car of his own to drive, according to a report published Thursday....

“He didn’t save any money…we got his required economic interest reports where you see all their stocks and bondsand property,” Stewart said. “Nada.”

Outside of a rental property in Moreno Valley which brings in about $600 a month, Stewart said that Villarigosa has no major assets despite having been paid over $1.6 million during his time as mayor. Public pensioninformation for Villaraigosa was not available, L.A. Weekly reported.

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