Friday, November 2, 2012

More Indicators Of A Romney Wave

I wager Obama is losing a lot more Dems than polls indicate along with the lower energy on the left, so I think we will see another year like 2010 where a lot of pollster just never detected the voter outrage coming. - AJ Strata
...MO was barely won by John McCain in 2008 by one of the smallest of margins (0.1%). It probably was one of the few states not to go Obama (while VA went overboard). So why is it this year not even close and MO is now is solid GOP? The RCP poll average as of today shows Romney +11.2%! Is this not a clear sign Obama has lost his mojo from 4 years ago to go from tied to -11%?

Along these lines keep an eye on Battleground Watch for an in depth and daily analysis of two key counties in Nevada. The early voting data he is seeing is not a good sign for Obama, who is supposedly leading in the RCP average of polls in this state...
Battleground Watch