Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Obama threatens veto of highway bill over Keystone XL pipeline

Time for another showdown over energy policy. - Ed Morrissey/HotAir
House Republicans included a provision in the new highway bill extension (five months) that would force the Obama administration to approve the complete construction of the Keystone XL pipeline.
White House threatens veto of highway bill over Keystone pipeline provision - The Hill
Time is running out on American interest in Canada’s oil-sands product. The media in the US didn’t cover the so-called “Three Amigos” summit, but Investors Business Daily kept up with the Canadian papers, which did cover Stephen Harper’s warnings to Obama on obstructionism over Keystone:
Obama Alienates Canada And Mexico At Three Amigos
Diplomacy: Most summits are mush-mouthed affairs full of pleasantries. Tuesday's "Three Amigos" summit was different: a litany of how President Obama has alienated our neighbors.

You wouldn't know this from reading the mainstream media, which reported the disastrous summit with anodyne headlines like: "Obama talks trade, energy with Canada, Mexico leaders at Summit" (Associated Press) and "Obama, Mexico's Calderon vow more drug crime cooperation" (Reuters).

Obama's neglect of our nearest neighbors and biggest trade partners has created deteriorating relations, a sign of a president who's out of touch with reality. Problems are emerging that aren't being reported....

Energy has become a searing rift between the U.S. and Canada and threatens to leave the U.S. without its top energy supplier.

Obama tightens oil and gas drilling regulations - CNN Money