Sunday, November 3, 2013

While Obama fiddles with his hapless healthcare plan, #Iran goes nuclear.

Zarif says Iran can defeat US and Israel - Iranian American Forum

As the Factional Infighting Intensifies in Iran over foreign policy, politicians and analysts in the West try to understand Rouhani and Zarif’s strategy in nuclear negotiations and relation with the US. In this context, the reports about Zarif’s behind the door meeting with the members of Iranian parliament’s “Foreign Policy and National Security Committee” in early October become more important.

According to “Mehr” news agency, Zarif told the committee: “Islamic Republic of Iran has the power and capacity to challenge US and Israel in the international arena. To achieve this we must believe in the abilities of ourselves and of our diplomatic team. If we think that there is a unified voice in America, we are mistaken. By utilizing the opposing views in the US we can be the winners in the (diplomatic) scene, and, of course, we can take advantage of the Zionist regime’s weaknesses.”