Thursday, November 7, 2013

Meet Virginia’s New Sleazebag Governor

Meet Virginia’s New Sleazebag Governor - Gawker

On Tuesday the Commonwealth of Virginia elected Terry McAuliffe, the Democratic fundraiser and failed businessman, as the state’s next governor. ...Here’s what you should know.

◼ McAuliffe’s connections to shady businesses are legion....
◼ He invested in a Rhode Island estate-planning firm that turned out to be a front for a giant insurance scam....
◼ According to The New York Times, McAuliffe tried to strong-arm several officials at the Department of Homeland Security, including Janet Napolitano, into approving various Chinese investments in his electric-car company, GreenTech Automotive.
◼ He and his father-in-law Richard Swann used a workers’ pension fund—which they persuaded to take on several bad investments—to make $2.4 million for themselves.
◼ He abandoned his sobbing wife and newborn son in a parked car so that he could attend a fundraiser....
◼ Stephanie Mencimer of Mother Jones says that McAuliffe used her former Washington Post colleagues to interfere with her investigation into his various business connections... Good luck, Virginia. MUCH MORE AT THE LINK.

‘Seriously?’ Lefty hacks admit McAuliffe is a ‘sleazebag’ — after it’s too late - Twitchy

I Can’t Believe Terry McAuliffe Is Going to Be Governor of Virginia - —Stephanie Mencimer/MOTHER JONES

No experience in office? Check. Sketchy business partners? Check. Media manipulation? Check.