Friday, November 8, 2013

Uber-bully/sex columnist Dan Savage: abortion should be mandatory for 30 years

Dan Savage Suggests 'Mandatory Abortion' for 30 Years, Draws Outrage - Tavernkeepers

...Seriously, how does one say that a woman should have control over her body and then state that the government should mandate the murder of unborn children for 30 years that are inside said bodies? Its typical progressive thinking that relies on hitting the fears and emotions of the audience to invoke a response without serious thought. There are places in the world such as China where abortion is mandatory. There, women are kidnapped off the street and forced to have an abortion if they are pregnant, already have 1 child, and are unable to pay a large fine. As we have stated before, China’s one child policy began as a program offering free birth control to women. The policy is always nudge, shove, shoot. The nudge stage is giving women or whoever the government decides needs to change a behavior the illusion that they are making the desired decision. When it doesn’t happen or doesn’t happen fast enough, laws are passed making it illegal to not exhibit that behavior....