Monday, November 4, 2013

The One Statistic The Media Won't Report About That 'Draconian' Cut To The Food Stamps Program

Over and over, the media will treat your eyes and ears to the cut in food stamps that will apparently throw America in a zombie apocalypse and destroy the entire galaxy. They love to repeat over and over the size of the cut to the program – $5 billion sure sounds like a lot. - Soopermexican/IJ review

As the graph below shows, with a $5 billion cut, the budget for the SNAP program simply reverts back to 2011 levels.

...Keep in mind, even with the $5 billion cut to the program, its budget still will have grown by 116%!

...This cut reflects the failure of Obama’s stimulus, which he said was a one-time effort. Now we find that the “one-time” stimulus was supposed to be permanent and grown! No one saw that coming! Except nearly every conservative critic of the stimulus....

Even with the budget cut, participation in the program will have grown 71% from 2008 until 2013. (MORE, at the link.)

Just as the brilliant Madame Pelosi explained that unemployment benefits help create jobs, genius Jay Carney explains how food stamps create food. Ya gotta love liberal logic. - Allen West
Jay Carney Explains How Food is Produced - The Black Sphere

Far too many people in America believe that government provides everything. They don’t even consider the origin of the funds that government disperses, or as Obama would say, “redistributes.”

It’s hardworking patriots — the very people whom the Left demonizes — who put food on the tables of the poor.