Monday, November 4, 2013

It Figures! – President Obama Didn’t know….. Again !

If you google “President Obama Did Not Know”… you get 153,000,000+ examples. If you shorten the phrase to ”Obama Did Not Know”…. you get 808,000,000 active hits. - theconservativetreehouse

...He didn’t know:

• About Angela Merkels’ phone being tapped – He didn’t know.
• About military death benefits being cancelled during the government shutdown – He didn’t know.
• About the economic crisis 08′-11′ – He didn’t know how bad it was.
• About the controversial ACORN group getting $4.19 BILLION from HIS economic stimulus plan – He didn’t know.
• About the IRS targeting groups based on political affiliation - He didn’t know.
• About the DOJ wiretapping of conservative media reporters like James Rosen – He didn’t know.
• About the NSA collecting data on emails, phone calls and social media for all Americans – He didn’t know.
• About whether or not he, as Commander in Chief, can use military drones to kill American citizens on our own soil – He doesn’t know.
• About the Obamacare enrollment website failure - He didn’t know.
• About Fast and Furious DOJ gun running to Mexico – He didn’t know.
• About U.S. Consulates being unprotected during September 11th type attacks like Benghazi – He didn’t know.
• About repeated requests for additional security in Benghazi – He didn’t know.
• About Benghazi NOT being caused by a U-Tube video, the explanation he gave to the United Nations – He didn’t know.
• About Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood being filled with radical political Islamists – He didn’t know.
• About the FBI not reaching the Benghazi consulate for 26 days after the attack to begin its investigation – He didn’t know.
• About Americans not being able to keep their health insurance according to his own signature legislation, Obamacare – He didn’t know.

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