Thursday, November 7, 2013

That iceberg? That would be the reality of ObamaCare, as it sinks in and destroys peoples' lives and Democrat approval ratings. It's the massive all encompassing game changer that the establishment failed to capitalize on in 2012 in their rush not to offend moderate soccer moms. It's what they missed years ago when they were so embarrassed of Sarah Palin -- they doubted her wisdom on death panels

link - C. Edmund Wright/AMERICAN THINKER

While the Republican establishment was obsessing over the government shutdown, the evils of Ted Cruz, and the latest Jurassic media poll designed specifically to fool them, they remained blind to the massive iceberg that was about to nearly destroy the McAuliffe money machine campaign. As such, they missed a golden opportunity to nudge Ken Cuccinelli across the finish line -- an opportunity the GOP base understood.