Friday, November 8, 2013


With his credibility shot, CBS News has apparently decided to not take President Obama's latest ObamaCare promise at face value. - Breitbart the years to come, some workers with employer-provided benefits will see their benefits scaled back because of an Obamacare tax. That portion of the law -- known as the "Cadillac tax" -- isn't set to take effect until 2018, but it's already influencing the benefits packages that employers offer.

...The effect ObamaCare will have on the employer-based market -- over a hundred million people -- is not limited to this Cadillac Tax. The White House itself estimated that tens of millions could be dropped by their employers and shoved into these ObamaCare exchanges. This could mean losing your doctor and having your health care options limited in a traumatic way, especially if you are already ill.

...The carnage that has already blindsided millions of middle class families in the individual market is only the beginning of the financial chaos ObamaCare is almost certain to rain down on tens of millions who made the mistake of taking a president at his word.

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