Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Tim Donnelly to run for governor

The 2014 gubernatorial campaign officially began Tuesday, with tea party favorite Tim Donnelly, a Republican assemblyman from the Inland Empire, announcing that he is running for governor. - LA Times

"I want to let Jerry Brown know that … not only are we coming for him, but the people of the state of California are coming for their freedom back," Donnelly said, flanked by his wife, three of their five children and dozens of supporters at a sawdust-covered furniture factory in Baldwin Park.

"We are going to take it back in 2014!" the lawmaker said.

Donnelly cited California's rates of poverty, unemployment and taxation to argue that Brown, who has governed as a moderate, does not deserve another term.

"This epic experiment in socialism under Jerry Brown has been an epic fail," he said. "You know we need to get California working again. We need to unleash California's prosperity by getting government out of the way. We need to liberate California from oppressive taxes and regulations."

Donnelly, a former Minuteman border patrol leader who was detained at LA/Ontario Airport last year after a loaded gun was found in his carry-on, is an unabashed social conservative popular among the most conservative GOP stalwarts.

Tim Donnelly campaign video shows apocalyptic view of state - LA Times

Republican Tim Donnelly announces bid for California governor - Sacramento Bee

Tenoch Flores, spokesman for the California Democratic Party, said California is in the "best shape it's been in over 10 years" and that Republicans so far are demonstrating they "can't mount a credible campaign against Brown."

Of Donnelly, he said, "You're talking about running a tea party Republican candidate statewide in the bluest state in the country."