Saturday, November 16, 2013

“The beauty of Oprah was she didn’t play the race card in her career. She created a product everybody wanted to buy. President Obama created a mess that nobody wanted to own including himself.”

The Five Hits Oprah’s Race Remarks: Way More ‘Wackos’ on the Left Than the Right - Matt Wilstein/MEDIAITE

Beginning with Winfrey’s comments about the “disrespect” Obama received because he’s an African-American, Andrea Tantaros said, “I’d love to ask her this question. If somebody like President Obama was working at her company Harpo, and had done something the equivalent of Obamacare at Harpo, do we think for one second Oprah would keep him employed, white, black or anything?”

...“If disrespect means racism,” Greg Gutfeld chimed in, “then how can you explain George W. Bush? Who I think was the beneficiary of more disrespect than Obama ever encountered as president?”

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And she of all people, who has gained so much from this country and is living in the lap of luxury because of it, is now trashing the country.