Friday, November 15, 2013

Pobody's Nerfect

Jon Stewart Annihilates Obama's Presser Yesterday - IJ Review
The Endless Debacle of ObamaCare - The Other McCain

No one can remember a policy disaster quite like this. Every day brings multiple new bad-news headlines.

...As Joe Curl says, ◼ Obama will try to turn this around by blaming insurance companies and Republican opposition for the failure of his policy and, at some point, the liberal media will line up in lockstep to parrot the Democrat talking points. Yet all the White House spin and all the media sycophancy in the world cannot hide the abject failure of ObamaCare, and Democrats will pay the political price next November.

Befuddled Central Planner in Chief Discovers Complexity Of Real Life - Ed Driscoll/PJ Media

Obamacare, meet Hayek - James Pethokoukis/AEI (American Enterprise Institute)

And as AEI’s Joe Antos explains: “There is no question that many people will find themselves in a worse situation next year—paying much higher costs, less access to physicians and hospitals, and, in too many cases, without health insurance at all. The White House remembered there is an election coming up and ◼ put the next day of reckoning in 2015.”

What a mess.