Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Read This If You Believe Your Candidate Lost Due to Third-Party Voters

So it turns out Terry McAuliffe and Ken Cuccinelli were able to draw away enough votes to keep Robert Sarvis from winning Virginia’s governor’s race. I hope the folks who put those guys on the ballot are happy. - Scott Shackford/Reason.com

...here are some tips from a typical third-party voter to major party movers and shakers who are trying to figure out how to approach us....

We don’t like your candidate.
You need to make an actual case for your candidate.
Don’t presume to tell us what we believe.
No really, don’t pull this blue versus red crap on us.
Respect that voters determine their own political priorities.

....I have read a number of folks lamenting that voters turned against Cuccinelli on these “social issues.” The outcome of such a complaint is giving the voter the impression that you don’t care about or don’t respect their personal priorities when choosing a candidate. If that’s the case, how can you ever expect them to vote for yours?

‘F*cking clown car’: Comedian Stephen Kruiser destroys ‘GOP moderati’ in brutal rant - Twitchy (warning: strong language)

Establishment GOP vs Grassroots: Civil War or Growing Pains? - Stephen Kruiser/Freedom Works

...I will concede that, yes, the establishment dinosaurs do have a knack for winning elections. However, the gaps in between those victories tend not to be filled with much to crow about unless you're a fan of things like the Department of Homeland Security, Medicare expansion or being part of a team that's only won the popular vote in a presidential election once in twenty five years.

A school of thought is emerging amongst us extremists that it might be rather refreshing if they applied some of that ability to battle and prevail over Democrats in elections to the legislative process.

So a schism is erupting that sees one side yelling, "Hey, we win elections and stuff!" and the other side responding, "Yeah, but you're kind of hosing us once you do!" ...