Saturday, November 16, 2013

Alec Baldwin: I didn’t know calling someone ‘c**ksucker’ is anti-gay

Baldwin decided to once again lash out at the paparazzi, shouting out either “cocksucking fag” (if you believe TMZ) or “cocksucking fathead” (if you believe Baldwin).

In Which @ABFalecbaldwin Finally Gets the Kind of Attention He Deserves - The Other McCain

Baldwin has been suspended from his MSNBC news show, and has issued a weird public statement via Huffington Post...

Alec Baldwin may be a misogynistic bully — but he’s pro-choice! He may scream hateful slurs — but he’s for “marriage equality”!

And our Nobel Peace Prize-winning president can drone-strike terrorists while running a vast surveillance state, yet as long as he gives lip service to the “progressive” cause, nobody on the Left is supposed to notice these mind-boggling contradictions.