Wednesday, November 13, 2013

BOYFIGHT II: The Rise of McGuire!!!

When we last checked in with next year’s state senate race, it was Chris L. versus Eric L. for the title of Second District’s Sassiest Candidate. - Hank Sims/Lost Coast Outpost (image source)

...despite Chris Lehman’s early shock-and-awe charm offensive — he stepped out early with an endorsement from Senate Majority Leader Darryl Steinberg — he has been unable to corral the totality of the North Coast Democratic political machine. Rep. Jared “The Silver Fox” Huffman recently threw down for McGuire, as has Rep. Mike Thompson and former Rep. Lynn Woolsey.

The leaked poll obtained by the P-D, and the responses thereto, give a hint of the boyfight to come. Novato City Councilman Eric Lucan is slagged off as a sure loser. Arcata’s Chris Lehman is taunted as a Sacramento insider and a sleazy moneyboy. Overall, the poll shows McGuire currently standing with 30 percent of the vote, Lehmann with four and Lucan with three, though rival camps say the questions were leading and slanted and unfair....

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