Friday, November 15, 2013

"What makes this admission even worse is the fact that it was prompted not by the heartbreaking stories of millions of Americans, but by the private pleadings of a handful of endangered Democrats."

The 23 most revealing words Obama spoke - Andrew Malcolm/Investor's Business Daily

"...Sometimes people look at what’s taking place in Washington and they say, not enough is getting done that helps me with my life...."

Talk about a clueless fellow! Obama spends a lot of miles and money at $182,000 per flight hour on Air Force One to make speeches before supportive crowds that happen to coincide with Democrat Party fundraisers that night and the proximity of a good golf course the next morning.

Obama does a lot of talking. But does he ever listen? Really listen?

Because Obama's job approval is on the express Down-elevator passing through 39% not because he's not getting enough done in Washington. Many of us wish he'd play golf every day instead of plotting so much new federal over-reach.

No. Americans have become severely disgruntled with him precisely because Obama's Washington is trying to get way too much done affecting the lives of people who have the crazy notion that they're perfectly capable of selecting their own foods and health plans and doctors....

Why liberals are panicked about Obamacare - Charles Krauthammer/Washington Post
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