Thursday, November 14, 2013

BLOODSPORT: The Health Insurance Industry Is Now Locked In A Death Struggle With The Democrat Party...

...and only one of the two will survive. - Doug Ross

Understand this: the health insurance industry is very much to blame for Obamacare. The health insurance industry happily got naked and jumped into the sack with Obama on his health insurance scheme. They did so thinking that he would leave them a fat, sweaty wad of cash on the night table in the form of forcing everybody in the country to buy their products, and in the process he would make them something akin to a public utility with a pre-ordained profit margin.

Except something happened on the way to conjugal bliss...

Scapegoated insurers fire back at Obama over “administrative fix”: You’re not pinning this ObamaCare mess on us - Allahpundit/HotAir

Don’t cry for these people, needless to say. They helped make ObamaCare happen. They were only too happy to see healthy young adults forced into buying their product by a constitutionally dubious mandate and to gouge healthy middle-class people with the new, more expensive plans required by the exchanges. They wouldn’t have partnered with the White House if this wasn’t a payday for them. But now they’re screwed twice over: Not only are Democrats trying to make them the fall guy for the cancellations, they’re looking at their payday melting down into red ink if they take Obama’s “advice” and re-create the old risk pool. Oh well. No honor among thieves.

They’re not going to take it lying down.