Wednesday, October 2, 2013

BARRYCADES: Park Service workers erect fences...
Quite possibly the saddest photo I've ever seen. And the most damning.

Park Service Workers Erect WWII Barricade - Daniel Halper/Weekly Standard

For no other reason than spite, Barack Obama ordered the open-air World War II Memorial park closed and barricaded. In doing so, he intentionally shut the door on veterans visiting -- for perhaps the last time in their lives -- under the "Honor Flight" program. - Doug Ross

Now, for those who aren't aware, this memorial is in an open-air park, it was paid for with private funds, and it is unattended. According to its website, it is open to the public 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

That is, until the Obama administration doesn't get its way.

As a whiff of fascism blows through the nation’s capital, the president is demonstrating to the whole world how revoltingly out-of-control the hyper-bloated U.S. government is. Obama is doing petty, irritating things like needlessly shutting down national parks in order to rankle voters in the hope they’ll blame Republicans for the ongoing government shutdown. Liberals, in typical fashion, predict apocalypse because of the shutdown. In reality, Americans are barely noticing that Uncle Sam is taking a nap. - Matthew Vadum/Front Page Magazine

...This approach is called the “Washington Monument Strategy.” The theory is that such minor annoyances amplify the consequences of budget cuts, or in this case, of the government shutdown. The goal is to force congressional Republicans to surrender their principles and agree to fund Obamacare — and in the process look wimpy and lose the support of their grassroots.

The Washington Monument Strategy just as easily fits into the world of community organizing. Anyone familiar with the methods of modern-day leftist agitators could have seen all of this coming.